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Kudos from Anonymous
to Dr. Mark A Woodburn, MD
Posted on 02/11/2019 12:39
The doctors and staff at this practice are incredibly caring and kind.
Kudos from Anonymous
to Dr. Mark A Woodburn, MD
Posted on 10/12/2018 23:24
I saw Dr. Woodburn to discuss ongoing problems with untreated hypertension, and during my appointment I shared very sensitive information about my childhood and my ongoing stuggles with both depression and anxiety. His response was amazingly kind, compassionate, and supportive and he expressed genuine concern for my well being and my mental health including telling me to call him if things ever got too desperate for me. I have never experienced such a heartfelt response from a doctor and he touched me deeply. Thank you Dr. Woodburn from the bottom of my heart.
Kudos from Pamela M
to Heather Kasper Lucci, PA
Posted on 09/25/2018 00:27
Heather is great, I have seen her several times at AHN, in Wexford. She always takes time and listens to what you say. I have confidence in what she tells me.
Kudos from Anonymous
to Dr. Mark A Woodburn, MD
Posted on 08/15/2018 15:03
Dr. Woodburn saved my life - literally. After suffering from symptoms that other docs might have dismissed, he dug further in with testing that revealed stage one renal cancer. The affected kidney was removed and I am doing fine thanks to the early detection. Without his desire to get to the bottom of things, I would have gone undiagnosed, and probably wouldn't be here much longer. Add to that his compassion, humility (he claims that I just got extremely lucky) and sense of humor and you get the best doctor around!
Kudos from Kathy R
to Jennifer Reis, PA-C
Posted on 04/17/2018 03:13
Jennifer saw my dad at Rebecca Residence. She was kind and compassionate. She took the time to listen. My dad asked her to call me about his medications which she did and took 15 minutes listening and discussing what he needed. Afterwards she thanked me for MY help!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Because you took the time, my dad is on the road to recovery.
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