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Kudos from Anonymous
to Dr. Mark A Woodburn, MD
Posted on 08/15/2018 15:03
Dr. Woodburn saved my life - literally. After suffering from symptoms that other docs might have dismissed, he dug further in with testing that revealed stage one renal cancer. The affected kidney was removed and I am doing fine thanks to the early detection. Without his desire to get to the bottom of things, I would have gone undiagnosed, and probably wouldn't be here much longer. Add to that his compassion, humility (he claims that I just got extremely lucky) and sense of humor and you get the best doctor around!
Kudos from Joseph Nightingale
to Grob, Scheri, Woodburn, and Griffin - Wexford
Posted on 06/16/2018 10:56
I always have my appointments with Dr. Grob and was quite upset when my wife, Susan, made an appointment with Dr. Scheri. What a great guy! It's like the two of them were twins!! As always my appointment was pleasant, informative and I did not have to wait. His assistant drew my blood work- it was the best draw ever! She is a delight!! Thank you.
Kudos from Daniel Krupski
to Kimberley Stark, PA
Posted on 01/24/2017 15:47
Thank You Kimberly for Diagnosing my A-Fib (Irregular Heart Beat) on my Annual Check-up on 11/23/2016. I had an Outpatient TEE Cardioversion Procedure performed yesterday (01/23/2017) at UPMC Passavant Hospital performed by Dr. Santosh Pandit. The procedure was SUCCESSFUL and I now have a Normal (REGULAR)! YOU ARE TRULLY A LIFESAVER !!! THANK YOU !!!
Kudos from Susan Nightingale
to Dr. Daniel K Grob, MD
Posted on 01/16/2017 21:29
Previously we went to a group of physicians who cared only for patients over 65 years of age. The longer we went to them the less they cared. At times we felt like we were part of a research group! Dr. Grob was suggested by our pain clinic physician. Dr, Grob is extremely caring, listens to us and explains everything in plain language. Kudos to Dr. Grob!!!
Kudos from Anonymous
to Dr. Mark A Woodburn, MD
Posted on 10/27/2016 16:30
I had just moved to the area and was looking for a new PCP. I stumbled across Dr. Woodburn and I am so glad I did. I can honestly not say enough good things about him. He actually cares, is attentive and will not stop until he gets answers for you. I have been to him multiple times now and I have never been disappointed. BUT-he is extremely hard to get in with for new patients...because everyone loves him!
Kudos from Patricia Werkmeister
to Dr. Daniel K Grob, MD
Posted on 10/22/2016 11:42
The best family practitioner. Compassionate, and thorough. Had my father switch to his practice.
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