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Why Everyone Needs a Primary Care Provider
Posted on 04/15/2014 16:18


Why Everyone Needs a Primary Care Provider ...

Primary care providers, also known as PCPs, are considered the backbone of the healthcare system.  These medical professionals are a person's main healthcare provider in non emergency situations, and direct their patients to specialists, if needed.  Because they have the ability to treat you and your family over a long period of time they have extensive knowledge of a patient's overall physical and mental health. 

Primary Care Providers can:

-  Provide preventative care and teach healthy lifestyle choices

- Identify and treat the most common acute and chronic medical  conditions

-  Assess the urgency of any medical problem or condition and direct the patient to the best place for care

-  Make referrals to medical specialists or facilities and coordinate care when necessary

-  Provide same day appointments and treatment

At Schogel and Fardo Family Medicine, our Physicians and Physician Assistants get to know their patients chronic conditions, health goals, family situations, and job pressures.  This knowledge leads to a trusting, lasting relationship, in which we work with you to form a partnership in your healthcare.  This partnership is often referred to as continuity of care.  This means that you establish a relationship with a Primary Care Provider and you enhance that relationship year after year.  In the short term, continuity of care dramatically increases the likelihood that you will receive the correct diagnosis and appropriate treatment.  In the long term, a provider who is familiar with your health history, your habits and your personality can easily recognize signs that indicate a potential change in your health.

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