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Medical Lab Testing Center - Pittsburgh, PA

As part of a medical exam, you may need to undergo medical testing and blood testing via laboratory services. Should this need arise, Genesis Medical Associates can handle the testing in-house - no referral needed.

Primary care services can often extend beyond an initial hands-on exam. For example, laboratory tests are a common part of a routine checkup. That’s because these additional tests help doctors diagnose a range of medical conditions, keep important changes in body functions under observation, plan or evaluate treatments, and monitor diseases.

We believe patient access to laboratory testing is essential. That’s why the Genesis Laboratory offers testing in Chemistry; Hematology; Immunochemistry; Allergy and Autoimmune; and Urinalysis. Our lab services include all routinely ordered tests for patients of Family Practice physicians, ensuring that when care is needed, you never need to leave the Genesis Medical Associates network to obtain it.

FAQs on Medical Laboratory Testing Services:

How are Laboratory Tests Helpful for Medical Care?

Laboratory tests can examine what a physician alone cannot. While having a doctor examine your body overall is important, lab testing allows them to go into your body for further examination. This is done through the analysis of a sample of blood, urine, or other substances and/or tissues. Test samples then allow your care team to see if your results fall within the normal range of that specific test.

It’s important to note that lab tests use a range to evaluate health, rather than a singular number. That is because what is healthy and “normal” differs from person to person. Additionally, many factors affect test results. These include:

  • Your sex, age, and race
  • What you eat and drink
  • Medications you take
  • How well you followed pre-test instructions

An addition to ensuring your test results fall within a normal, acceptable range, we will want to compare your results to results from previous tests (if they have been conducted). Comparing them against your original testing, in addition to an average acceptable range, will assist doctors in determining if your health is normal or deteriorating.

What Do I Need to Know about Lab Testing at Genesis Medical?

Genesis Medical Associates, Inc., proudly offers laboratory services to its patients. As is the goal with all of our services, by offering lab testing “in house” or “in network”, we are able to better communicate with technicians and coordinate patient care based on any and all test results.

The Genesis Laboratory is licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Health and CLIA. Laboratory staff are fully trained and registered with the American Society of Clinical Pathologists.

After testing is completed, reports are delivered to Genesis physicians as well as any consulting physicians identified in patient's lab order.