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Genesis Medical Associates, Inc.
07/19/2017 19:17
You put off your next annual exam, and you finally made it to your doctor’s office. Perhaps that’s when you learned an issue was easily fixed - or that it was more advanced than you thought. If you have a story like this that you would like to share, please contact us at info@genesismedical.org. Your story may be selected for use in an upcoming blog post!
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Genesis Medical Associates, Inc.
07/05/2017 15:56
Genesis Medical is excited to announce that we were featured in Northern Connection Magazine's 2017 Physicians & Specialists issue! The magazine is available on stands and online at NorthernConnectionMag.com. You won't want to miss their look at Genesis Medical Associates, Inc. - the largest, independent, primary-care practice in the North Hills!
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Genesis Medical Associates, Inc.
06/21/2017 17:27
Summer is officially here! Don't forget to stock up on sunscreen, check for ticks, watch out for the effects of the heat, and to stay hydrated this season. Read more about how to handle the season at our blog: www.genesismedical.org/blog/get-ready-for-summer-3-health-safety-tips-for-the-season
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Genesis Medical Associates, Inc.
06/07/2017 17:07
Drinking enough water allows our bodies to function properly, and even plays a key role in helping us reach various weight and fitness goals. This begs the question: are you drinking enough of it? Explore your hydration needs at FitBit's blog: https://blog.fitbit.com/really-need-drink-8-glasses-water-day/
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Genesis Medical Associates, Inc.
05/17/2017 15:53
One in five Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime - but simply wearing sunscreen can help protect against the harmful effects of the sun. Safely get moving this season with these sunscreen tips: https://blog.fitbit.com/sunscreen-what_to-use-when-to-apply/
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Genesis Medical Associates, Inc.
05/03/2017 16:13
Your health needs will change as you age - and we can help you keep track of them. If you visit our website and click into "Resources" you will find a list of guidelines on what men and women should do to take care of themselves, depending on their age. You can also contact your doctor with specific questions about your health as needed. Genesismedical.org
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