At Genesis Medical, we believe that good care needs to extend beyond our physical offices. Why shouldn’t you always have access to the same information and resources we could give you if you took the time to visit us directly? The information we can provide and share with you is far too important to be held on “lockdown” in our offices. And it’s simply not realistic to ask patients to come into our office every time they have a question about their health or their medications.

With those facts in mind, we wanted to create a tool that would give each and every one of you 24 hour access to valuable information and resources in a convenient, safe location. That access is available and waiting for you in the form of our Patient Portal - a tool that can help each of you take even more control of your health, from the moment you log into it.

Genesis Medical's Patient Portal

What You Can Find In (And Do With) Your Patient Portal

Genesis Medical’s Patient Portal allows patients to request a prescription refill, email your doctor, complete forms, get access to their care record, and more, all at your convenience. Each function available through the Patient Portal was designed to serve two primary purposes:

  • To allow you to easily and securely access your personal medical records online. Just as you might access your bank account and review your credit history online, our Patient Portal allows you to review the information collected during your doctor’s visits in one place, without the hassle of flipping through extensive medical charts or of waiting for a doctor to find that information for you. The tool was designed specifically to give you access to your medical records 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And just like a banking account, only you will have access to your personal health records.
  • To provide an easy and convenient way to communicate with Genesis Medical physicians. If you don’t have time to call our offices, directly, this tool offers an alternative to ringing your doctor up directly. Our Patient Portal allows users to send and receive non-urgent messages and information between themselves and their doctor. This means things like test results and clinical visit summary reports can be delivered right to your home, via secure digital communications. Patients can also easily request a refill for their prescription medications, and you’ll be able to easily update your personal information (such as addresses, telephone numbers and more) right within the Patient Portal. Talk about convenient!

By using your own Patient Portal, you can save yourself time that might otherwise be spent commuting to your doctor’s office, or be spent playing “phone tag” during a busy day at work. Of course, Patient Portal will never completely replace the value that comes from an annual physical. But by putting your information in one place, and by providing a secure way of communicating with your doctor, we’ve created a tool that will go a long way in helping you take control of your health, anytime, anywhere.


How You Can Activate Your Own Genesis Patient Portal

At the moment you can only access this tool via a computer that has Internet access. To sign up and begin using our Patient Portal, you will need to have a laptop or desktop computer, and a personal email address that is entirely yours; due to privacy laws, each individual in your office and under our care will need to have separate email addresses to access their records. These email addresses will be treated with the same privacy as your medical records and never sold or leased.

There are a couple of options for creating your own Patient Portal account, if you don’t already have one:

And that’s it! Once you’re in the system, you’ll be able to begin setting up your profile and viewing the information most relevant to you in your patient history. If at any point you have questions about using and navigating our the Patient Portal, you can get answers by clicking here. You’re also welcome to call our offices if you experience any difficulties using the Patient Portal.

We truly hope that each of our readers will consider the benefits of activating their Patient Portal. By providing you with easy access to your medical records and doctor's’ notes, as well as offering a way to connect with healthcare professionals outside of the office, we’ve created an excellent resource for patients like you to use in their day-to-day routine. Sign up today, and of course, contact us directly if you have any questions!