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Heyl Family Practice | Trusted Primary Care Physicians | Pittsburgh, PA

Primary Care

There are two primary reasons to visit a primary care doctor. The more obvious one is because you feel unwell. This could be due to cold and flu season, ear infections, allergies, a potential sprain, and a variety of other non-emergency reasons. While an emergency room should always be visited in a true emergency, visiting a primary care doctor (vs an ER or urgent care) is often a cheaper resource for patients (due to what insurance does and does not cover).

Even if you feel fine, you should visit with your primary care doctor at least once a year for an annual wellness exam. These exams give your doctor an opportunity to check things such as your weight and blood pressure, as well as discuss how you have been doing and feeling overall. If your doctor spots any red flags during this appointment, they can provide feedback and advice on how to address them before they develop into serious, chronic health issues (including heart disease, diabetes, etc.).

The following are just a few examples of the immediate and long-term services you can obtain through primary care visits with our team:

  • Flu Care (including vaccinations, symptom monitoring, etc.)
  • Vaccines (We will ensure your vaccinations are administered and boosted as needed)
  • Preventative care (includes tailored counseling based on the findings of our exams)
  • CHF, or Congestive Heart Failure (including prevention and treatment)
  • Diabetes (including prevention, number tracking, lifestyle recommendations, etc.)
  • High Blood Pressure (including prevention and treatment)

Counseling and Mental Health Services

While primary care doctors are often the first professional a person will talk to about symptoms related to depression or other mental health issues, they are not able to provide the in-depth counseling needed to manage these health issues. Mental health is complex, often involving cognitive processes as well as hormonal imbalances in the brain. And while primary care doctors are trained in a variety of physical ailments and care, they do not traditionally have the expertise to practice psychotherapy. With that in mind, it is best to seek out mental health services from a counseling professional and to coordinate this care with your primary doctor to ensure they have a complete picture of your health at any given time. 

At Heyl Family Practice, we have two resident counselors available that work closely with our team of physicians and nurse practitioners to create an integrated health model for our patient population. Brad and Emily Heyl have various specialties including (but not limited to): 

  • depression
  • anxiety
  • obsessive compulsive disorders
  • grief
  • life transitions
  • and trauma

Additionally, Brad provides couples and marriage counseling. Counseling services are provided at the West View and Wexford Offices for Heyl Family Practice patients.

Telehealth and Telemental Health:

For patients who are unable to utilize the traditional face-to-face appointments, Heyl Family Practice offers Telehealth and Telemental health services. These high-quality, secure services can be done via computer or mobile device without having to leave the comfort of your home. The appointments can be scheduled online through the patient portal or over the phone with one of our staff members.