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Deer Ticks
Posted on 11/04/2013 20:02

Tis the season for Deer Ticks.....

In an effort to promote wellness and reduce the number of incidents, here is some useful information designed to keep you safe when outside for work or play.

Lyme disease is spread through the bite of infected ticks.  The black legged tick or more commonly know as a deer tick spreads the disease in the Northern United States.  These ticks are usually found in wooded areas or commonly during hunting season on animals (hence the name 'Deer Tick').

When you are outside follow these tips:

  • Wear protective clothing, long pants and long sleeves.  Also, light colored clothing will help you spot ticks more easily.
  • Use insect repellent on skin and clothing
  • Keep long hair tied back
  • Perform daily tick checks.  Conduct a full body check using a mirror to view all parts of your body upon return from a wooded area.
  • Examine your gear.  Ticks can ride into the office, home or car on clothing and pets.

If you happen to find a tick call our office to schedule a appointment for removal.  The Physicians and Physician Assistants are able to make sure the tick is fully removed from the skin.  Also, they can discuss any follow up care or testing.

For more information about ticks, visit www.cdc.gov/ticks

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