Are you among the 36 Million allergy suffers across the United States? Are you experiencing runny nose, itchy watery eyes and sore throat.  All of these uncomfortable symptoms can be a sign of allergies. Allergies can strike seasonally or persist all year, prompted by substances that lurk both indoors and outdoors.

Fall is just around the corner (can you believe it's almost October).   The most common fall allergens are mold and mildew that form on the leaves lying on the ground and blowing in the wind. Autumn's dry air is the perfect carrier for mold spores, pollen and dust. Typically in the fall we experience very low humidity so lighter particles such as pollen and dust are blowing in the wind.  

The third most common allergen this time of year is dust. Furnaces are frequently turned on for the first time in the fall.  Most furnaces have not been turned on since last spring and have collected dust and furnace filters have not been changed. 

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