At Genesis Medical, we aim to provide comprehensive care that goes beyond basic exams and primary care services. We do this because our staff believes that good health requires more than a single doctor’s visit each year; it also requires information and resources that help doctors and patients alike manage multiple aspects of one’s well-being.

That’s why – in addition to our basic exams, services and procedures – we offer and use a wide range of both in-house and at-home resources and services for patients. From the tools that allow patients to follow-up on an appointment right in the comfort of home to the resources that can assist patients who have long-term health or monitoring needs, each aid that we offer is designed to make your visits easier, more productive, and more informative.

Not sure what we’re referring to when we say “resources”? Keep reading to learn more about five of the additional services and tools we offer to Genesis Medical’s patients:

  • The Patient Portal: One of the most important tools we offer that can be used at home is the Patient Portal. The Patient Portal is a secure medical record account that allows our patients to request a prescription refill, communicate digitally with their doctor, complete any number of medical forms their doctors may need, and even obtain access to a digital copy of their history and care record. The usefulness of the Patient Portal and its role in helping patients take control of their health is worth an entire blog post of its own (which we’ve written!). If you have not used yours to date, or you need an account and access to it, we encourage you to contact our offices to learn about how you can begin to use this handy online resource.
  • Cardiology Testing: To help minimize travel between doctors and hospitals, and to give patients a chance to work with their immediate care team as much as possible, Genesis Medical offers Nuclear Stress Testing and Echocardiography Testing (Ultrasound) at our Cardiology Testing Center. These tests can provide doctors with an idea of the general health of your heart by checking for possible blockages and analyzing the overall flow of blood throughout the heart. For your convenience, if your Genesis physician orders a Nuclear Stress Test, Echocardiogram or Carotid Artery Doppler Test for you, you can set up the appointment immediately after meeting with your main physician. You can also learn more about the tests and process involved with cardiology testing on our website.
  • Laboratory: For some patients, additional testing may be needed to analyze certain aspects of their health. To save time and to provide patients with the information they need more quickly, Genesis Medical offers in-house laboratory services to its patients. Our labs can handle chemistry, hematology, immunochemistry and urinalysis testing. And best of all, we have made our lab services easily accessible for all of our patients; patients may visit any of our practices to have their blood drawn, and may do so by appointment or by walk-in at any of the listed times on our website.
  • Chiropractor: A chiropractor is a primary health care professional trained specifically to address issues within the musculoskeletal system. In many cases, patients who require chiropractic services find that they need to work with a local chiropractor’s practice. As a result, they must set up a separate patient file and maintain communication with yet another medical professional outside of their Genesis family. To help reduce the confusion and problems this can cause, we have chiropractors on-staff here at Genesis Medical who are happy to address any chiropractic needs our patients have. If this is a service you feel would benefit you, or is one your doctor has recommended, call 412-847-0066 to set up an appointment; you can also learn more about our chiropractic services here.
  • Online Bill Payment: Paying medical bills can require time and planning, and can be even more stressful for patients who have difficulties remembering to call in to make payments or who are uncomfortable sending payments via snail mail. Fortunately, the digital age allows us to provide online billing services to patients. Simply by visiting our main website and logging in there, you can check on the status of your bills and schedule payments in the comfort of home – no checks and no phone calls necessary!
As you can see, we offer a variety of resources to help make your healthcare visits with us easier and more informative, in many ways. We encourage all of our patients to take advantage of the items that they feel would best benefit them, and to remember that our doctors are always happy to speak with you should you have any additional questions about these services – or otherwise – that you’d like to discuss!